Bias Binding Tutorial

Add a bias binding to your handcrafted handbag or purse pattern to create a colorful trim on pockets. These instructions use purchased double fold binding 7/8" wide. Scroll to the bottom and click the "print PDF" button to print this tutorial out in PDF format.

Open up the tape by the middle (center) crease and you will see two additional folds. You will also notice that one fold is smaller than the other. You will use the side with the smallest fold first.

Binding as seen from the side

Line up the far edge of the shorter fold just a little below the raw edge of the 2 pieces of fabric that you are binding together. The center crease is the 2nd fold down and the larger fold is folded up and on the bottom.

Binding short edge to fabric

Make sure that the wrong sides of your two pieces of fabric are facing each other and the top of your shortest fold is just a little down from the raw edge of your fabric. Sew following this fold.

Sew attaching your binding

If there is any extra length to the ends of your binding hanging over the ends of your fabric edges, just turn them under and sew while you are sewing down your crease. This will make a nice smooth edge and look professional if you are attaching another piece of fabric for a side seam. Of course I would use a matching thread instead of white but I wanted you to be able to see my line of stitching.

Binding sewn to your fabric

Fold over your binding to the backside (2nd piece) of fabric. You will then see a very clean edge and your stitching will not show. Your longer fold will now be on the backside next to your 2nd piece of fabric.

Fold binding to the back of fabric

Sew binding to complete

Sew along the very bottom of your binding on your front fabric. Because the part of the binding that you folded over to the back is bigger, you will catch the 2nd side of the binding in a nice straight line.

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