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Duct Tape Purse Pattern

Don't you just love duct tape purses? Here is a duct tape craft pattern I made that I hope you will enjoy. If you have questions about any of the steps involved, just send me an e-mail and I will do my best to help!

duct tape purse

Materials needed:
  • 3 small rolls of duct tape. I prefer the Ace Hardware™ brand and I buy the 5 yard rolls. The colors I used for this project were red and white but any color you like will do.
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Cardboard (8 1/2" x 4")
  • Ruler

A few things to keep in mind that I have discovered working with duct tape are:

  • It sticks on everything so be careful what your strips touch!
  • Duct tape takes your fingerprints off - you will feel like you no longer have prints after completing this project.
  • Duct tape projects are not expensive so don't beat yourself up if you get a wrinkle in your tape - just start over!
  • Word to the wise - you can't put a strip of duct tape over one that is wrinkled and expect your strip to now be smooth.

Duct Tape Purse Instructions:

  • Measure off 8 strips of duct tape in each color that are 12" long for a total of 16 strips.
  • Fold each strip in half long wise. You get a cleaner fold if you have the sticky side facing up and you carefully fold your duct tape up and away from you. There will be no sticky side exposed after folding.
  • Weave your strips of duct tape alternating colors. Make sure your weave is tight with no gaps between strips. This will be the front of your bag.
  • Cut duct tape strips long enough to cover the inside of your weaved pattern front. Lay these strips evenly to make the inside front lining of your purse.
  • Now you will make the sides of your bag. Cut 3 strips of duct tape 9" long.
  • Lay one strip sticky side up. Take the 2nd strip and lay it sticky side down overlapping your first piece of duct tape halfway. Continue with your 3rd piece leaving some sticky side on both long ends.
  • Follow the above instructions for your 2nd side.
  • Cover your piece of cardboard with duct tape, smoothing out the strips as evenly as possible and folding over at the edges to cover all surfaces of the cardboard.
  • Attach your sides with the duct tape side pieces you have made.
  • To make the back panel of your purse, make a duct tape sheet the same size as your front, using the technique described for making your sides. (laying once piece halfway over a second piece) It took me 8 pieces of tape and my pattern ran up and down instead of sideways.
  • It is now time to attach the rest of your duct tape purse together. Cut appropriate links of duct tape and lay it so that half the tape is on the part you are adding and the other half is on the main purse body.
  • Finish off by folding a piece of duct tape along the top evenly - this creates a smooth finish.
  • For handles, simply tear off a piece of tape the length you want your handles and fold evenly in half, just as you did for the weaving pieces. To attach, use studs or anything else you like that has 2 prongs that can be bent back to hold the handles. I also added a little purchased applique with red hearts and white flowers, just for fun.

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