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Tote It Screen Play VI Pattern

  • Model: NOTI205
  • Brand: Nancy Ota Patterns


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The Tote It Screen Play VI Pattern by Nancy Ota includes sewing instructions for creating a sturdy, washable tote with supportive straps in two sizes. The sturdy straps provide support and a wide opening for groceries. Vinyl mesh suggested. Divisions create six outside pockets. Instructions include the tote made with commercial belt material or custom made strap and a wrap to keep the straps together. Finished sizes: 20" W x 13" H; Large - 24" W x 18" H.

  • Version A: Fabric Pocket with lining, and trim or piping
  • Version B: Pocket of heavy fabric, no lining
  • Version C: Pocket of see through screen
  • Version D: Large size
  • Options Strap Wrap

Materials needed (regular size):

  • 21" x 32" Screen/mesh
  • 1/3 yd fabric - top strip
  • Package of extra wide double fold bias tape - side seams
  • 3 1/2 yds of 1" belt material or 1/4 yd fabric & 1/4 yd batt
  • 6" x 13" cardboard or foam core bottom support + 1/8 yd fabric
  • plus additional materials for Versions A - D
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