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iPhone Catty's Case *

  • Model: CGIC172
  • Brand: Cotton Ginnys


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The iPhone Catty's Case Pattern by Cotton Ginnys includes sewing instructions with two template sizes included so you can make this carrier for your iPhone 5 and 6 or carry your reading glasses! The larger case is perfect for the iPhone 6 Plus or sunglasses and the pattern will also fit other

Instructions are included to customize your eyeglass/iPhone carrier even more! There is a handy back pocket for your driver's license, cash, etc.  Also included are instructions on swivel hooks to add that allows your carrier to be hung from a belt loop, bag, or even a shoulder strap!

Materials Needed:

  • All Catty's:
  • Holder (shown in stripe on black catty), head, ears and hanger - Fat Quarter or 1/4 yard (If using a different fabric for the head, you will still need the same amount of yardage. If using a different fabric for the hanger, use any fabric scrap or 1/8 yard)
  • Shoulder strap - 2" x 50"  - 1/8 yard
  • Pocket - 3.5" x 9" fabric scrap
  • Inner ears and nose - fabric scraps
  • Sunglasses rim and lens and scarf - fabric scraps or 1/8 yard each
  • Rhinestones - 2 x 6.5mm, optional
  • Muzzle (Shown in black fabric with gray dots) - 6.5" x 7" fabric scrap or 1/8 yard
  • Buttons for eyes - Two 5/16" black and 1/2" white (shown stacked)
  • Buttons for eyes - two 5/16" black
  • ALL CATTYS, miscellaneous items
  • Pellon Fusible Fleece #987F - 1/4 yard
  • Fusible web - Heat 'N Bond for appliques - 1/8 yard
  • Velcro - 5/8" or 3/4" wide sew-on type
  • Threads to match fabric
  • Swivel hooks can be used on shorter hanger (not shown) - 1/2" size
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