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March, 2012

Welcome to Newsletter for March, 2012!

We are running another sale this month! If you purchase a pattern by Artful Offerings, you will receive a 10% discount!

Posh Patchwork Purse Pattern by Artful Offerings
Posh Patchwork Purse Pattern


New Bag patterns by Lila Tueller especially made for laminated fabrics!

Practical Pouches (4 styles of beautiful and convenient pouches)
Deluxe Organizers (An art supply bag, travel satchel, small essentials bag, and a laptop bag pattern)
Casual Clutches (3 styles and 2 sizes)
The Posie Bag Pattern (Decorative 3D posie flower on the front)


The Posie Bag Pattern
The Posie Bag Pattern

Two new patterns from Tiger Lily Press!

Twin Pocket Tango Bag Pattern
Curved Pocket Cha-Cha Bag Pattern
Tiger Lily Press Bag Patterns

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The Designer for March is Tiny Seamstress Designs, with Tiffany Jenkins as the driving force and designer for this unique brand of bag patterns! Tiffany is a busy mom with a new baby but has still found time to design a new bag - the Poppins Bag Pattern.

In trying to juggle her children and handle a new baby, she found a solution in her new bag design - a child handle that is attached to the handbag! This way your little one is holding on to you but your hands are also free - talk about a great concept!

The Poppins Bag Pattern
Poppings Bag Pattern

StudioKat Designs Portapockets Plus - Is it just me or are bag pattern designers becoming even more creative? Check out the latest StudioKat Designs pattern - it's functionality will blow you away!

PortaPockets Plus bag pattern insert

Additional New Bag Patterns:

Mary Lee's Tote Pattern by Totes By Sandy - Easy to make tote pattern made from 2 1/2" strips of fabric.

Jessie's Bag by Busy Bee Quilts - Easy to make bag with lots of ruffles on a bag big enough to carry you through the day!

Carry A Long Bag by Wonder Woman Quilts - This bag pattern uses 5 fabrics and has 3 large pockets on the front!

Grab N Go Tote Pattern by Wonder Woman Quilts - Large tote pattern with lots of pockets, a cute bow on the front, and wooden dowels to hold it's shape!

Grab N Go Tote Pattern

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